Japanese Used Car Exporter

971-8183 Fukushima-Ken, Iwaki City
Izumi Machi, Shimokawa Aza 123

Tel: +81-246-56 9191
Fax: +81-246-56 9192
Mobile +81-90-2605 3962
Mobile +81-90-4477 6457

Web: http://www.choudhdrycorp.om
Email: choudhry@plum.ocn.ne.jp
Email: choudhryusedcar@gmail.com

1. When you have decided which car you would like us to bid on, send us the day, lot number and how much you want to bid for your vehicle

2. Send a refundable TT transfer of 100,000 Yen to allow us to bid for you [bank details]

3. If successful we will send you an invoice to be paid within 5 working days of purchased date

4. Invoice amount includes

* Vehicle Auction Price
* Auction fees 9,000 ~ 19,000 Yen
* Delivery to Japanese Port 4,000 ~ 30,000 Yen
* Forwarding charges 11,000 ~ 15,000 Yen
* Freight to your port choice use our freight calculator
* Choudhry Corporation's service charges (depending of volume)
* Inspection charges (optional) 7,000 ~ 50,000 Yen

( larger vehicles have different handling fees )

5. If your payment is not received within 5 working days we will re auction the vehicle. All expenses are taken from your deposit, the difference is refunded

6. After receiving 50% of the payment we will process and send the vehicle to the nearest port for shipping

7. The balance 50% has to be paid within 5 working days after receiving the copy of B/L via e-mail or fax

8. Once we received the full payment we will send you the original documents via courier

9. You will be able to track your vehicle and view all documentation